Nagaland, home to indigenous tribes in the far north eastern part of the country, is one of those holiday destinations dotted with a mountainous region with plenty of rivers. The best time of Nagaland is not very simple to say as the climate throughout the year is pleasant. However, early summer and winter are the best time to visit Nagaland. If you are into adventures, exploring cultures, grand celebrations, trying new cuisines then winter is the best time  to explore Nagaland extensively and have great opportunities to indulge in endless thrilling fun activities. To pick one season as the best time to visit Nagaland, it has to be the winter months for all tourists, including backpackers, family tourists, and couples.

Nagaland’s vibrancy comes from its tribes, which form a strong part of the people’s identity here. The state is home to over 20 tribes. Each tribe is characterized by different food items, games, languages or dialects, and customs.

Nagaland sees high rainfall and humidity as a result it is common to have landslides and road blockages during monsoons. Summers here are cooler than the rest of India because of the high altitude and is ideal for visiting the forests and mountains of Nagaland. Winter is the preferable season since temperatures are low to moderate and touring the cities during this time is an absolute breeze. 

Best time to visit Nagaland.

The climate all around the year is pleasant in Nagaland. The temperature from October to May ranges between 4°C – 23°C (approx).You cannot experience snowfall in Nagaland but the temperature surely drops. Humidity is lower, making the temperature even cooler and pleasant for sightseeing and adventure sports.

The famous Hornbill festival, in which a grand showcase of all the tribal culture under one roof, is also celebrated during the winters in the month of December. Nagaland brightens up into a festive season during the winters as the majority of the population celebrates Christmas.

Peak Season to visit Nagaland

The peak season to visit Nagaland is between October to December. Most crowds can be seen here during the summer season because people move to soothing places for summer vacations. But winters are not going to be harsh either and that’s why it is known to be the best time to visit Nagaland. Except the rainy season which causes landslides and road blockages travelers can visit Nagaland at all times of the year.

How to reach Nagaland

best time to visit Nagaland

By Air

To visit Nagaland, flights operate to Dimapur, which houses the only airport in the state and is approximately 68 km from the capital city, Kohima. If you’re a foreign traveler, there are flights to Guwahati and Kolkata from where you can board an overnight bus or book a taxi directly to your hotel.

By Railways

Dimapur Railway Station is only accessible from Assam. To reach Assam, the most convenient way is to take a flight but it is also accessible by major cities of the country through railways. Once you reach Assam, you can get on the train to Dimapur. From there, tourists can book a taxi to their hotels in Kohima or other cities of Nagaland.

By Road

Nagaland is connected to major cities through an extensive network of National and State Highways so you need not worry about how to reach Nagaland. However, road journeys are only recommended for tourists from nearby states. If you still have a road trip on your mind, you can travel to any nearby city via flight or train and then rent a car for your journey ahead.

FAQs for Best time to visit Nagaland

Is Nagaland open for tourists?

Yes, Nagaland is open for tourists from 2022, and with the pandemic under control, the visitors are having a great time visiting this amazing state of North-East India.

Is December a good time to visit Nagaland?

The best time as we have already mentioned visiting Nagaland is during the winter season. During winter the temperature becomes cool and the humidity is exceptionally low making this an absolutely amazing time to visit Nagaland. You can expect a low temperature of 6°C and a maximum of 17°C in the month of January which is also known to be the coldest month of the year.

Does it rain in Nagaland?

Nagaland is amongst the wettest states of India. The annual rainfall in Nagaland averages between 7200 inches (which is 1800 mm to 2500 mm.)

Things to do in Nagaland


best time to visit Nagaland

The only town of the state that hosts an airport. Dimapur officially welcomes you to Nagaland as it is known to be the entry point of the state. It is the most well connected town that boasts excellent road conditions and scenic landscape. The town offers ample opportunities to nature and history lovers.

Dimapur is a colorful land that reflects authentic Nagaland. It is in fact the only place in the state with an airport. Apart from above mentioned attractions, Dimapur houses Zoological Park, Ao Baptist Church, Diezephe Craft Village, Nagaland Science Centre, Green Park, Rangapahar Forest Reserve, Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary and Shiv Mandir.

The town is one of the best places in Nagaland to witness the culture of various tribes like Angami, Lotha, Chakhesang, Sumi, Sangtam, Ao, Rengma Pouchury and Zeliang. Ruzaphema is a one stop shop in Dimapur for shopping; located about 5 kms from Kohima, this place is famed for exhibiting some of the finest artifacts of Nagaland.


best time to visit Nagaland

The capital of Nagaland situated at a height of 1500 m above sea level, Kohima is serene, peaceful and beautiful in every sense. During the time of World War II, there was an intense 64 day-long battle against the Japanese army in Kohima, thus, this city has a special place in history. The Commonwealth War Cemetery which is home to thousands of dead soldiers of World War II is one of the most preferred places to visit in Kohima.

Besides this, Kohima city offers a lot more to the visitors and there are a series of places to visit in Kohima like Kohima Botanical Garden, TIbetan Market, Jotsoma Village to hike to etc that will surely make your trip memorable. From temples to museums, there is a lot to explore in Kohima. 

Dzukou Valley

best time to visit Nagaland

One of the most famous places to trek to in the north-east.Located at 2438 meters above sea level and behind the Japfu Peak (Nagaland’s second highest), Dzukou Valley is believed to have gotten its name from its namesake river which means ‘cold waters’.

Dzukou Valley is most famous for its multicolored carpets of flowers that bloom in summer, most notably the Dzukou lily which is found only in Dzukou Valley. This Dzukou Valley trek will provide you an excellent opportunity to understand more about the history, culture, and traditions of the Khonoma Village. It will also provide you the refreshing experience of enjoying the natural splendor of this charming hamlet. En route, you will cross the Khonoma Nature Conservation and Tragopan Sanctuary and hence will get excellent opportunities to spot wild animals and exotic birds. Enjoy the beauty of its lush green landscape and meandering streamsIf you’re into rock climbing there are plenty of opportunities to break a sweat within the valley. 

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