Dawki, one of the most famous instagrammable place needs no introduction. Geographically located, Dawki is situated along the border separating India and Bangladesh and is an astonishingly lovely region that also divides the Khasi Hills from the Jaintia Hills. Though Dawki is good to visit throughout the year, the best time to visit Dawki is during the summers and winters.

While Umngot River is Dawki’s primary claim to fame, there are several other hidden gems situated near Dawki that are sure to make every traveler’s visit to this part of the state extremely memorable. It has become a hotbed of tourist activities as it hosts the boat riding competition on the Umngot River.

The quaint town is a perfect escape from the scorching heat of mainland India.Though the climate of Dawki is mostly explained as tropical – no traveler ever complained of the climate being too hot during the summers or too cold during the winters.

The beginning and end of monsoon season is also a good time to visit the place. In the peak monsoons it is advisable to avoid the journey to Dawki as the constant rain can cause landslides along the way which is quite common in this region around this time of the year. The monsoons also bring with it a wet and humid climate that can make traveling and enjoying the local attractions of the region uncomfortable, if not unpleasant. 

Best time to visit Dawki

best time to visit dawki

Both winters and summers are the best time to visit Dawki. Both seasons have their own individual perks.

Winters in Dawki last from November till March. The temperature during these months ranges between 20°C to 25°C. It is not as chilly as the other regions in the state, which makes these months one of the best times to explore the little town. Humidity during these months is most prominent among the other months of the year. These months are probably the best instagrammable months of the Umngot River as the water gets crystal clear during this time. This attracts people to enjoy here and camera-worthy moments. Rarely the weather gets cold and this is also an advisable time to pack woolen clothes with your luggage. The flora and fauna of the place thrive during this season and if you are an avid birdwatcher, winter can help you come across species that would be rare.

Summers too are one of the best times to visit Dawki, it is not as hot here as the rest of the other places from mainland India. Summer begins in May and lasts till the beginning of September. Precipitation levels are very high during this period, and rainfall can be expected anytime. Temperatures are around a cool 25 °C to 30°C which is optimum to any traveler for sightseeing and other activities. Boating is allowed here for the tourists during summer also.

Peak Season in Dawki

best time to visit dawki

February to April is the busiest season in Dawki and attracts a huge number of tourists to this region. There are few guest houses and camping sites available at Dawki for the tourists. However, Shillong should be the preferred location for accommodation as it is a major tourist center with many suitable options for all budgets.

How to reach Dawki in Meghalaya?

best time to visit dawki

Via Rail

Train travels can be good and fun when traveling with the right people. If you are planning to reach Dawki by train, book your tickets to Guwahati, Assam. The only closest train station to Dawki is the Guwahati station. From there, it is about a 200-kilometer drive. You can either board the public or private buses that run through Dawki or hire a cab.

Via Road

Dawki is roughly located about 90 kilometers from Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya. The route to Dawki is filled with beautiful trees, rivulets and deep forests. You can either self drive yourself to Dawki or board a private or public bus that takes you here. 

Via Air

Want to travel fast and easy? Pick flights. Though there are no airports in Dawki, the closest airport is the Guwahati Airport. There are many direct flights to Guwahati from different parts of India and can be easily booked. From there, it is another two and a half hours drive to reach Dawki. From Shillong, you can reach Dawki by cab or a bus. 

FAQs for Best Time to Visit Dawki

best time to visit dawki

Is Dawki worth visiting?

Yes, Dawki is worth visiting especially for those who are avid nature lovers. This place offers a great hue of green. You get to enjoy the amazing weather with the lush greenery.

Is Dawki as beautiful as it looks in photos?

Yes, Dawki is as beautiful as it appears in the pictures. The place is the most instagrammable place in the region for the right region. The crystal clear transparent water you see in your instagram feed is as real as it looks in those pictures. The place is serene, the weather is always an escape spot from the scorching heat. 

Can we swim in Dawki Lake?

There are multiple attractions in the town of Dawki and one of them is the Dawki Lake. A lot of people see the beautiful, pristine, and clear lake and get an urge to go for a swim. If you too feel something like this, then do not fear. Tourists are allowed to swing at the initial point of the lake.

To mark that spot, it is formed near stones and is the only area where people are allowed to go for a swim.

Things to do in and around Dawki

best time to visit dawki

Umngot River

The reason Dawki got its recognition is for the crystal clear river Umngot, also known as the Wah Umngot. The river is so transparent that you could see the stones and pebbles inside this river.  You can either take a swim where the water is cold throughout the year or go on a boat ride and take a peek inside the colorful marine life of the river. The fare to go on a boat ride is somewhere between Rs 400 to Rs 500 per person. Not just the clear water, you can also view Bangladesh’s mighty border from the Dawki River.

Mawshun Cave

One of the most popular and crowded tourist attractions of Meghalaya is situated in the East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya just near the Dawki Village. Providing a calm atmosphere, the cave has cute little ponds that are formed due to flowing water. Reaching this cave is not easy. One has to walk on rough paths and rocks for about three to five odd minutes to reach the entrance of this cave. With tricky terrain, the cave gets adventurous as it goes. The path gets narrower and is filled with stalagmites, making it one of the most beautiful caves in Meghalaya. Tourists are welcome here every day throughout the week.

Borhill Falls

Known as Burhill or Borhill falls, is one of the top attractions in Meghalaya.Located at the outskirts near the national border is this enchanting waterfall that will surely make your day with just a look. The water from this waterfall flows through the borders of India and then glides under the Bangladesh border. This waterfall is also called Bophill falls or the Pangthumai falls by the locals.

Final Thoughts

best time to visit dawki

Meghalaya is one of the most beautiful and scenic states of the seven sisters, if not the most. The best time to visit Meghalaya depends on the spots you want to explore extensively, otherwise it is a state you can travel to any month of the year to escape the heat. Not only Meghalaya, the whole of North-eastern region of India is blessed with nature. 

There are ample amounts of unexplored and unaware places, treks, and camping spots to explore for people who love exploring and spending time amidst nature rather than modern world skyscrapers. Hang in and scroll through our blog as we aim to bring as much info about such spots for the world to know.

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